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About shot peening using cast steel shot

2021-03-03 11:25:19

Shot peening is a process that uses high-speed sand shots and cast steel shots to hit the surface of the workpiece to improve part of the mechanical properties of the parts and change the surface state. Shot peening can be used to improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of parts. It can also be used for surface matting, descaling and eliminating residual stresses in casting, forging and welding. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

Main classification

Shot blasting can be divided into shot blasting and sand blasting. Shot peening surface treatment has great impact and good cleaning effect. However, shot peening is easy to deform the plate, and the steel shot (whether shot peening or shot peening) that impacts the surface of the workpiece will also deform the metal matrix material. Because Fe3O4 and Fe2O3 are not plastic, they are peeled off after being broken, and the oil film and base material are deformed. Therefore, shot peening and shot peening cannot completely remove the oily workpiece. Among the existing surface treatment methods, sandblasting is a more effective one.

Sandblasting is suitable for cleaning workpieces with high surface requirements. But at present, most of the commonly used sandblasting equipment in our country is composed of the original heavy-duty sand conveying machinery such as augers, scrapers, bucket elevators and so on. The user needs to build a deep pit and make a waterproof layer to install the machine. The engineering cost is high, the maintenance workload is large, and the maintenance cost is high. In the sandblasting process, a large amount of silica fume cannot be removed, which seriously affects the health of the operators and pollutes the environment.

Shot peening is divided into general shot peening and stress shot peening. In general processing, the steel plate is in a free state, and high-speed cast steel shot is used to hit the inside of the steel plate to generate pre-compression stress on the surface. In order to reduce the tensile stress on the surface of the steel plate during work, and increase the service life. Stress shot peening is to pre-bend the steel plate under a certain force, and then perform shot peening.




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