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What are the factors that affect the cleaning speed of steel shots

2021-03-03 11:04:25

Everyone is very concerned about the cleaning speed of steel shot, so what factors will affect the cleaning speed of steel shot? The steel shot manufacturer will take a look with you: Liaoning steel wire cut shot

There are two hard standards when selecting steel shots: the hardness and density of the steel shot, because the hardness nature of the steel shot determines the service life of the steel shot, and the density of the steel shot can also be related to the service life of the steel shot;

Therefore, we must pay special attention to these two aspects when selecting, because this will be related to the quality of the steel shot, and it is also related to our later use;

So what are the specific manifestations of the factors that affect the steel shot standard?

1] The internal defects of the projectile, such as pores, cracks and internal shrinkage, can affect the life of the steel shot and increase the consumption;

Moreover, the hardness is directly proportional to the cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to the life; therefore, if the hardness is high, the steel shot cleaning speed is fast, but the life is short and the consumption will be large, so it should be moderate to produce economic effects;

2] Only high-density steel shots can have stable quality, and we can also reduce cracks and wear during cleaning;

3] The hardness is proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness of the steel shot, the faster the cleaning speed of the steel shot, the greater the consumption, and the shorter the service life. The manufacturing process determines the size of the steel shot. The surface roughness after large cleaning is higher, but the work efficiency is also high, and the wear is also greater. When you buy steel shots, you must remember;




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