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Strengthening shot blasting machine shot blasting points

2021-03-03 10:18:51

1. The broken amount of shot blasting. The activity of the residual shot of shot blasting is low. The more shot blasting is broken, the shot blasting strength will decrease, and irregular pellets will scratch the surface of the part. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the pellets to ensure the shot blasting. The completeness rate is greater than 85%. The shot blasting equipment is basically the same, only some auxiliary devices are needed to more strictly control the shot blasting process. Liaoning alloy steel shot

2. When the shot blasting hardness is higher than the part hardness, the change of its hardness value does not affect the shot blasting strength; when the shot blasting is softer than the part, if the shot blasting hardness value decreases, the shot blasting strength also decreases.

3. When the shot blasting speed increases, the shot blasting strength also increases, but when the speed is too high, the shot blasting damage increases.

4. Shot blasting angle When the shot blasting jet is perpendicular to the surface to be sprayed, the shot blasting strength is high, so generally it should be kept in this state for shot blasting. If the shape of the part is limited and small angle shot peening is necessary, the size and speed of shot peening should be appropriately increased.




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