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The working principle of the shot blasting machine-how does it work?

2021-03-03 10:18:00

I believe everyone has clearly seen the purpose of the shot blasting machine in cleaning, polishing, and deburring mechanical parts. But what exactly does such a good machine work on? What is the working principle of the shot blasting machine? I believe that many people have very little understanding of this aspect. Let's introduce it to you, so that you can better understand this machine. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

Speaking of the working principle of the shot blasting machine, we must first talk about the composition of this machine. This machine includes a funnel, a conveying pipe, a rotating motor, a metal pellet, and a working room. Under normal circumstances, the shot blasting machine is composed of these parts. It is powered by an electromechanical polisher. This is very important, and this is how it is very powerful. From his run, a projectile with a very high speed will be ejected. The speed of the talkers is very large, generally exceeding a speed of 100 meters per second. At such a high speed, its coverage area is very wide, so there is no need to use air pressure to assist. The core part of the shot blasting machine is the impeller. This is usually driven by a motor. And what each manufacturer produces is different. But in general it is divided into two types: single-disc and double-disc.

The above is the working principle of the shot blasting machine. Although there are many different types of shot blasting machines, and their manufacturers have many, in general, although there will be certain differences between them, from On the whole, the working principle is like this.




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