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How to use shot blasting machine steel shot correctly

2021-03-03 10:22:28

When purchasing shot blasting machine equipment, users will think of what kind of steel shot is suitable for the machine they buy. Due to improper selection of steel shots, it will affect the normal operation of the shot blasting machine or cause machine failure. Shot blasting machine steel shots are generally commonly used steel wire cut shots, alloy shots, cast steel shots, iron shots, etc. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

When using steel shots, the hardness of steel shots is low. It is not easy to break and can maintain the shape of a garden clock. On the blades, the impact and the movement are the main ones. Therefore, in this case, the grinding effect of the blade is weaker, and there are more cracks on the grinding surface and a little bit of unauthorized marks. When the imported sample is scanned under the scanning electron microscope, it is mainly caused by partial cracks, which causes the material to fall off; the effect of cutting is relatively slight. Improving the toughness of the substrate can effectively improve durability.

If you want the shot blasting machine equipment to work normally, please select the shot blasting machine steel shot correctly to avoid machine failure.


Repair and maintenance of shot blasting machine:

The shot blasting machine is a highly worn equipment that relies on high-speed projectiles to impact the surface of the workpiece. Once the high-speed projectiles fly out, they may injure people or damage the adjacent building glass. Therefore, to ensure safe production, it is very important to establish frequent inspection and maintenance guidelines.

1. Always check the snail transporter. When the diameter of the blade is 20mm, it should be replaced.

2. Always check and sort out the debris on the screen of the pill-sand separator, and replace it in time when the screen is found to be worn.

3. Always add or replace lubricant in accordance with the lubrication guidelines.

4. Frequently check the wear condition of the indoor guard plate. If the rubber plate of the wear-resistant hard plate is worn or cracked, it should be replaced in time.

5. Frequently clean up the projectiles scattered around the equipment to prevent the operator from slipping and injury.

6. Check the anchor nut of the chamber body frequently, and tighten it in time if it is loose.

7. Always check whether the belt of the hoist is too loose or skewed. If abnormalities are found, adjust and tighten them in time.

8. Frequently check the wear of the shot blaster blades, the split pill wheel, and the directional sleeve. When the thickness of the blade wears 2/3 uniformly, the width of the split pill wheel window wears 1/2, and the wear width of the directional sleeve window increases by 15mm, both Should be replaced.



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