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About the different performance of alloy steel shot

2021-03-03 11:21:14

Everyone has used steel shots and understands the performance. Today I recommend a new steel shot, which is alloy steel shot. The performance of this kind of steel shot is different. Let me introduce the specific performance. .

Different steel shots have different properties and advantages. Let’s analyze what are the advantages of alloy steel shots: Liaoning alloy steel shots

1. Alloy steel shots are widely used in automotive springs, suspension springs, hardened gears, screws, chains, various stamping parts, standard parts, stainless steel and other high-hardness workpieces because of their bright appearance and no rust. Polishing treatment, surface descaling and surface strengthening treatment for the processed workpiece.

2. The alloy steel shot has no pores and looseness, and the uniformity of the structure is good. The alloy steel shot is used for precision parts, and the stainless alloy steel shot is used for stainless steel parts and aluminum castings, because it will not pollute the castings after shot blasting. And more wear-resistant.

3. The life of alloy steel shot is longer than that of other steel shots. It can be recycled 3000~3500 times. During use, it is not worn as fast as other steel shots, but it will slowly wear and become dust during the cycle. .

4. The application is very large. The surface treatment of any workpiece can be used almost, especially in some shipyards, mold industry, foundry industry, steel plant and other enterprises.




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