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Reasonable use of steel grit in shot blasting machine

2021-03-03 11:22:15

There will be steel grit in the shot blasting machine. The reasonable use of steel grit can improve work efficiency and is also required for normal shot blasting. Below we will introduce the specific situation of steel grit used in the shot blasting machine. Cast steel shot

There are many models of shot blasting machines for surface treatment of shot blasting, which have different functions. Different types of shot blasting machines have different fields of use, and their effects are also different. The shot blasting effect is not only related to the shot blasting machine, but also the choice of shot blasting machine steel shot steel grit. When choosing steel shot steel grit, you must choose shot blasting according to your own needs and your own products. Machine steel grit. The surface treatment effect of the shot blasting machine often used for iron parts is to remove rust, oxide layer and burrs. Steel shot and cut steel wire shot are used. They are suitable for ordinary iron parts, and the effect will be better. The marble surface shot blasting effect uses steel grit. If you want to make the effect better, you can add stainless steel shot to the steel grit. For stainless steel parts, if the surface needs to be rough, stainless steel cut shots can be used, and stainless steel atomized shots can be added if the smooth effect is required. The surface cleaning of die-casting parts generally uses cast steel shot or cut steel wire shot, and it can also be used in a mixture of two kinds of sand to reduce cost and increase the fluidity of steel shot. Generally, cast steel shots and cut steel wire shots are general purpose steel shots for shot blasting. Because of their moderate price and good treatment effect, they have relatively little wear on the shot blasting device of the shot blasting machine.

The use of steel grit in the shot blasting machine is like this, and the work efficiency still needs to be better improved.




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