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How to use hardness to distinguish the difference between steel shots

2021-03-03 11:23:05

The steel shot manufacturer will introduce to you how to distinguish the difference between steel shots by hardness: Liaoning steel wire cut shot

There are many classifications of steel shots. When you use them, you must distinguish them clearly and use them reasonably. The specific splits can be distinguished from the hardness. The following is the specific distinction, please understand in detail.

Steel shot is an ideal abrasive product. In the sand removal treatment of many castings, the use of steel shot has a good cleaning effect. Steel shots are also commonly used in the descaling and rust removal treatment of steel workpieces before coating.

There are many classifications of steel shots. According to the hardness of the manufactured steel shots, steel shots can be divided into steel shots, cast iron shots, glass shots, etc. Steel shots with different hardnesses have different uses.

The hardness of steel shot is generally HRC40~50. Processing some harder metals can increase the hardness to HRC57~62. Their toughness and better service life are several times that of cast iron shots and a wide range of applications.

The hardness of cast iron shot is HRC58-65. This kind of steel shot has high hardness, it is very brittle when refrigerating, and it is very easy to break and has a short life. It is not widely used and is mainly used in places where high shot peening strength is required.

The hardness of glass pellets is lower than the previous two hardnesses, and they are mainly used for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and other situations where iron contamination is not allowed. It can also be used for secondary treatment after steel shot blasting to remove iron pollution and reduce the surface roughness of parts.




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