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Why the finished product of cast steel shot is black

2021-03-03 11:23:51

Regarding why the finished product of cast steel shot is black, many people have asked the steel grit manufacturer. Next, let us answer it for everyone. Knock on the blackboard. Friends who don’t know, don’t look at it yet? Liaoning alloy steel shot

Because cast steel shot is a very high-quality product, it has undergone a good rust removal treatment and is used in many casting industries. The stainless steel shot manufacturer tells you why the finished product of the cast steel shot is black, and This is not the case with aluminum shots and copper shots;

Because the casting is made by melting the steel and then pouring it into a sand mold, and then cooling and casting;

Therefore, the black surface of the cast steel shot is the color of iron oxide formed by the chemical reaction of the high temperature steel surface and the oxygen in the air;

Moreover, ferrous oxide is also called iron monoxide; chemical formula FeO. black powder; melting point 1369±1°C, relative density 5.7; insoluble in water, alcohol and lye, soluble in acid; very unstable, and will be quickly oxidized when heated in air Into iron tetroxide;

Heating of divalent iron compounds, such as ferrous oxalate, under the condition of isolating the air, can produce ferrous oxide, or it can also be produced by passing hydrogen through ferric oxide; ferrous oxide is mainly used as a colorant in glass .




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