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How to choose good quality steel shot

2021-03-03 11:24:39

Steel shot is an indispensable material in many industries. How to choose good quality products is particularly important. The following steel grit manufacturers will talk about it for everyone: cast steel shot

The steel shot used in the industry must be selected well. The selection criteria are: the hardness must be moderate, and the size must be uniform. This standard can extend the service life. When used with appropriate equipment, steel shot is an abrasive for exterior finishing because of its durability.

The hardness of the steel shot determines the service life of the steel shot. The hardness of the steel shot is directly proportional to the finishing speed. The higher the hardness, the faster the finishing speed. The consumption of the steel shot will shorten the life. The process determines the size of the steel shots. The larger the diameter, the higher the roughness of the finished surface, but the work efficiency is also high, and the wear is greater relative to the steel shots.

Steel shots are used in different processes in products with different particle sizes and hardness, such as surface strengthening. Workpiece coating, workpiece bonding pretreatment sandblasting can remove all the dirt on the surface of the work piece, and establish a very important basic pattern on the surface of the work piece, and it can be reached through the exchange of different grit abrasives and steel shots. Different degrees of roughness greatly improve the bonding force between the workpiece and the coating and plating material. Steel shot is used for steel plate pretreatment, generally used for rust removal before painting.




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