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Consume common sense in the process of using steel shot

2021-03-03 11:09:05

Steel shots are lost items in the shot blasting process. New steel shots must be added from time to time according to the amount of remaining steel shots and wear of the equipment. Only in this way can the normal operation of the shot blasting machine and the cleaning effect of the workpiece be guaranteed. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

Various models of steel shot

Many customers contact us to inquire about the life cycle of steel shots. In fact, this question is difficult to answer all at once, because factors such as the size of the workpiece being cleaned, the hardness of the workpiece material, and the type of shot blasting machine can affect the consumption rate of steel shots. I want to calculate The cost of using steel shots is calculated by counting the number of steel shots consumed in normal production within a month or a period of time. This calculation is reliable. Of course, the customers we have contacted are all kinds, and I have some experience to share with you:

Casting parts: Large castings of the same weight consume less steel shots than small castings. This is easy to understand because the surface area of the same weight castings is relatively small. The same casting is related to the hardness of its surface. The higher the hardness, the greater the consumption of steel shot; the lower the hardness, the less the consumption. According to statistics, one ton of steel shot can clean about 100 tons of castings.

Section steel mold: Because the steel types handled by various companies are different and the hardness is different, the consumption rate varies greatly. The higher the hardness of the workpiece, the greater the loss. Basically, 1 ton of cast steel shot can handle about 120-150 tons of steel.




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