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Reasons that affect the effect and life of steel shot

2021-03-03 11:08:16

When we use steel shots, we all hope that the steel shots will have good effects and long life. So what factors affect the effect and life of steel shots? The steel shot manufacturers will take a look with you! Cast steel shots

1] Only steel shot with sufficient density can have stable quality:

The density of steel shots is an important factor in determining the service life of steel shots, and only steel shots with sufficient density can exhibit stable quality, and can reduce cracking and wear during cleaning;

2] The hardness of the steel shot also determines the service life of the steel shot

Everyone should know that the hardness of steel shots is directly proportional to the cleaning speed, that is, the higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed. On the contrary, the greater the consumption of steel shots, the shorter the service life, and the production process of steel shots determines the steel. The size of the shot is not uniform, although the larger the diameter, the cleaner the cleaning, the higher the efficiency of the rough surface, but the wear on the steel shot is also greater;

The relationship between steel shot hardness and rebound

Remind everyone:

1] Internal defects such as pores, cracks and shrinkage holes will directly affect its life and increase consumption;

2] The steel shot has moderate hardness and excellent resilience. Every corner can be fully cleaned during blasting to reduce processing time;

3] The hardness of the steel shot is proportional to the cleaning speed and inversely proportional to the life. Therefore, the hardness is high, the cleaning speed is fast, but the life is short, the consumption is large, and the hardness of the steel shot is moderate, which is good;




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