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Three ways to distinguish the hardness of steel shots

2021-03-03 11:01:52

Because steel shot is a kind of material formed by special heat treatment, and different types of steel shots have different sizes, specifications and hardness, and its hardness is an important indicator to measure the quality of steel shots; Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

1. Brinell hardness;

This is to use a hardened steel shot of a certain diameter, press into the surface of the test piece under a certain load (p), stay for a period of time, then remove the load, and measure the area of the indentation. The smaller the indentation, the ability to resist plastic deformation That is, the greater the hardness, the smaller the hardness, which is represented by "HB";

2. Rockwell hardness;

Under the specified external load, we then press the steel shot or diamond indenter vertically into the surface of the test piece to produce the indentation, test the indentation depth, and then use the Rockwell hardness calculation formula HR=(KH)/C. The Rockwell hardness can be calculated; simply put, the shallower the indentation, the greater the HR value, and the higher the material hardness; it is represented by ""HRC""; it means that a diamond with an apex angle of 120 degrees is used under a test load of 150kg In the case of a conical indenter, the indentation depth of the test piece is 0.08mm;

3. Vickers hardness;

This is a diamond square pyramid with an apex angle of 136 degrees as the indenter. The steel shot is pressed into the surface of the test piece under a certain load, leaving a square indentation, which can be found according to the length of the diagonal Hardness value.




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