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Is the mixing effect of steel shot and steel grit good?

2021-03-03 11:02:53

Is the mixing effect of steel shot and steel grit good? Now let’s take a look with the steel shot manufacturer:

Steel grit steel shot is two different metal abrasives. Steel shot has good adaptability and can be applied to many occasions. The surface of the workpiece after treatment is also smoother. The cleaning efficiency of steel grit is higher than that of the same type steel shot, but the roughness is The upper limit is greatly reduced, so it is not as good as steel shot in terms of applicability. So if conditions permit, can steel shots and steel grit be mixed to improve efficiency and ensure a certain degree of roughness: Liaoning alloy steel shots

Alloy steel grit and steel shot are mixed with abrasives. Generally, the hardness of steel shot is maintained at 40~50HRC, while the hardness of alloy steel grit is 50~60HRC. It is used on the surface of various types of steel. The treatment effect is also relatively good.

Three kinds of steel shot

Moreover, the alloy steel grit can etch the steel surface, and the steel shot can strengthen the steel surface.

More realistically, choose the abrasive according to the surface hardness of the workpiece to be polished, the degree of original rust, the required surface roughness, the type of coating, etc., if it is a mixed abrasive of steel shot and alloy steel grit, the rust removal effect will be even better. ideal.

Three kinds of steel grit.

For the specific mixing ratio, Songhuai Steel Shot will choose the right ratio for you after field inspection. Reduce costs for customers.




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