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Ways to identify genuine and fake stainless steel shots

2021-03-03 11:00:42

We believe that the explanation we give to you must be detailed and useful. As long as you look at it carefully, it will be helpful to everyone in the product. In this way, you will not be ignorant and choose There will also be some insights. The steel grit manufacturer will introduce to you the method of identifying true and false stainless steel shots. Cast steel shot

Nowadays, there are many kinds of stainless steel shots on the market, some of which are made of SUS304, SUS202, SUS430 and SUS410. How to identify stainless steel shots is a disadvantage for users without laboratory equipment;

Conditional units can use chemical methods to determine whether the chromium content is less than 11.5%. If it is less than 11.5%, its internal structure has undergone fundamental changes, and it can no longer be called stainless steel, and no longer possesses the characteristics of stainless steel shots. , That is, no rust, acid resistance, alkali resistance and abrasion resistance;

Most people think that stainless steel shots should be non-absorbent and non-magnetic;

In fact, it is not completely correct. There are hundreds of types of stainless steel in industrial production, which are mainly distinguished according to the composition of chromium and nickel. They can be divided into magnetic stainless steel, weak magnetic stainless steel, and non-magnetic stainless steel.




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