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Look at the effect of steel shot on shot peening of pipe fittings

2021-03-03 10:59:40

Everyone thinks that the shot peening effect is ideal, and there are many necessary conditions. For example, the original surface of the material is good, the selection of the appropriate shot peening pressure and the process technology issues are very important conditions; cast steel shot

Steel shot-strengthening shot peening will cause plastic deformation of the sprayed surface of the part, resulting in a change in the surface roughness of the part. The surface roughness, surface waviness and shape error are the same as the geometric shape error of the part, and the surface roughness of the part It has an important impact on the performance of machine parts;

In fact, the treatment effect of the workpiece is not only related to the hardness of the steel shot, but also to the type of the steel shot and the shape of the steel shot. For example, a steel shot with an irregular surface will have a better rust removal efficiency than a round steel shot. High, but the surface is relatively rough, so when we choose steel shots for cost-effective rust removal, we must choose the model, hardness, specification and shape of the steel shot according to our actual needs;

It should be known that the greater the hardness of the steel shot, the greater the brittleness. When we clean the workpiece, although the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved, the consumption of the steel shot will also increase, and at the same time the use of the steel shot The service life will be shortened accordingly, so we consider from the perspective of economic benefits. For general workpieces, we recommend choosing steel shots with moderate hardness for rust removal.




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