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Do you know how the steel grit is extracted?

2021-03-03 10:58:39

Regarding how the steel grit is extracted, many people have asked the steel wire cut pill manufacturer. Next, let us answer it for you. Knock on the blackboard. Friends who don’t know, don’t look at it yet? Liaoning alloy steel shot

First roller method

The liquid metal is poured onto the rotating drum first, causing splashing of the liquid metal, and then falling into the water to form pellets; however, due to the poor sand rate of the steel grit prepared by this method, it has been eliminated;

Water jet impingement method

The liquid metal is scattered into the water by a water jet to cool, solidify, and finally become steel grit. The disadvantage of this preparation method is that it has a large hollow rate and is easy to form special-shaped sand. The flow and pressure of the water jet can be controlled by changing the cross-sectional shape of the nozzle. Effectively increase the rate of sand formation;


First, the molten steel flows to a special spin plate with a series of small holes around it rotating at high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid flies out of the spin plate and falls into the water to form pellets; the steel pellets are made by centrifugal method compared to the water injection method. Higher rate, greatly reducing the proportion of hollow pills;

Rotating cone centrifugal atomization

The combination of water jet and centrifugal method, the molten steel is passed through a certain device to form a metal liquid film on the surface of the rotating cone, and then atomized into fine droplets under the action of centrifugal force and surface tension and thrown out. At the same time, the cooling medium is ejected along a position perpendicular to the moving direction of the molten droplets, so that the molten droplets can be quickly granulated; and the quality and comprehensive mechanical properties of the prepared steel shots are good.



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