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Application of Steel Shot in Steel Surface Treatment Process

2021-03-03 11:28:31

In the steel surface treatment process, the high-speed rotating impeller is used to throw steel shots, steel grit or iron shots out and hit the surface of the parts at high speed to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the parts; Liaoning alloy steel shot

At the same time, steel shot or iron shot hits the surface of the part at a high speed, causing the lattice distortion on the surface of the part, which increases the surface hardness; shot blasting is a method of strengthening the surface of the part, and it also has the function of polishing and deburring; Shot blasting is often used for cleaning the surface of castings or parts that require surface strengthening treatment;

Shot blasting cannot be used for the surface treatment of thin parts with small thickness;

Generally, the steel shot has a regular shape, and several throwing heads are up and down, left and right, high efficiency and low pollution;

Both steel shot and steel grit can clean and decontaminate the workpiece. The purpose is to prepare for the next process, that is, to ensure the roughness requirements of the next process, and some are for surface consistency. The workpiece has a strengthening effect, and the steel grit is not obvious.




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