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What are the advantages of using cast steel shot?

2021-03-03 11:27:53

Cast steel shots are made of high-quality steel scraps, which are first melted, and then the molten steel is formed into small spheres with a high-pressure water jet. The formed pellets are heated again to purify and homogenize, and then quenched. The quenched pellets are dried in the furnace and reheated and tempered to achieve the appropriate hardness. The tempered steel pellets are sorted into 11 grades that meet the SAE standard through a mechanical screen for use in shot blasting equipment. Products of different particle size and hardness are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

Cast steel shots are widely used for descaling and rust removal of steel workpieces before coating. In this case, centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The spherical shape and small hardness will prevent the steel shot from causing significant wear on the equipment. Steel shots are also widely used in the foundry industry. When the workpiece is taken out of the mold, use steel shots to remove sand from the surface of the workpiece. When steel shot is used with suitable equipment, because it is durable, it must be your abrasive for surface cleaning.

Suitable industrial scope of cast steel shots: aviation industry, automotive industry, sandblasting/painting companies, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing/repairing, casting, granite/stone cutting and industrial scope shipbuilding and ship repairing, middlemen, oil and gas pipelines , Factory maintenance and metal processing. Applicable process range: Applicable process range: surface pretreatment before spraying; sand cleaning of castings; pipe descaling, etc.




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