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What are the tips for choosing steel shot

2021-03-03 11:12:05

How should steel shots be selected and where should they be selected? What are the specific techniques? Let me give you a detailed introduction. Liaoning Steel Wire Cut Shot

Everyone knows that there are high-quality steel shots and low-quality steel shots on the market. So what do you choose based on? Are there any skills? Now, let's learn together!

1. Identification of the appearance of steel shot

The standard steel shot color is dark gray and has a certain brightness, which gives people the impression that it is gray but not dim. This kind of steel shot makes people look more mature.

2. Fatigue life of steel shot

Fatigue life is the ability of steel shot to resist breaking when it acts on the working surface. The abrasive with the longest fatigue life will become the most economical abrasive. It determines whether it can effectively convert energy during use, play a role in cleaning and strengthening, and also determines the level of your processing cost.

3. Identification of steel shot hardness

The hardness of the steel shot determines the service life of the steel shot. The hardness of the steel shot is directly proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed, and the consumption of the steel shot will shorten the life. The process determines the size of the steel shots. The larger the diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the work efficiency is also high, and the wear compared to the steel shots is also greater.




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