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Interpretation of steel grit production requirements and applications

2021-03-03 11:11:19

Steel grit is one of the metal abrasives with excellent performance. Its production has certain requirements on raw materials and skills. In order to ensure the performance of steel grit, a certain quality supervision is required in every production link to ensure that the steel grit produced has a compact internal structure, is not easy to break, has a uniform particle size, and has an appropriate hardness. Cast steel shot

In the production of steel grit, it is necessary to select selected raw material scrap steel, and then add rare metals to achieve the proportioning alloy, and then through the electric furnace smelting, the modern production equipment converts it into steel particles, and undergoes repeated electric heat treatment and active selection. In the entire production process, the chemical composition and particle size of liquid metal are strictly controlled during the process of forming steel grains to ensure that its mechanical functions are suitable for various uses. The steel grit formed by this production process will be screened into different grades to meet the needs of sandblasting. So far, the production of steel grit is completed. Next, let me introduce the application scope of steel grit:

1. As an abrasive, steel grit can be used to make abrasive tools for grinding wheels, oilstones, grinding heads, sand tiles, etc.

2. Steel grit can also be used for polishing and grinding hardware, glass, gems, jade, etc.

3. Steel grit can be used as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

4. Steel grit, as a high-purity single crystal, can be used to manufacture semiconductors and silicon carbide fibers.



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