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How to make steel shots reused

2021-03-03 11:05:58

The steel shot manufacturer will introduce to you how to reuse steel shots: cast steel shots

The scope of application of steel shot is very wide and the price is low, so it is loved by many manufacturers. It is used in various fields, but many manufacturers use it once. Thinking that the steel shot has been damaged and has no value in use, it is thrown away as garbage, which causes a great waste of resources. In fact, the used steel shot is still valuable, and the used steel shot is treated twice. It can still be used.

Steel shots are contaminated due to repeated use, and the steel shots will be mixed with impurities, which will affect their continued use. At this time, the steel shot needs to be self-cleaned.

The impurities mixed in the steel shot can be divided into solid impurities and incompatible soluble salts, and different treatment methods should be adopted for the two objects.

1. The solid impurities are self-cleaning through the clear air method. The steel shot can be recovered by an automatic sand suction separator in the recycling cycle, which can remove most of the bulk impurities and more than one-third of the dust. The solid impurities are removed during the process of entering the sand storage hopper through the abrasive screening machine .

2. The soluble salt in the steel shot can be removed by regular water cleaning, and at the same time, it can be used in rotation among steel shots for different purposes during recycling. In order to recycle steel shots, we need to clean them at this time. Only in this way can we make better use of steel shots.




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