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Steel grit

2021-03-11 09:04:58
Steel grit


Steel grit has high hardness and is widely used as a metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material. In addition to being a deoxidizer, it is also widely used in the polishing and grinding of hardware, glass, and gemstones. In the production of steel grit, the scrap steel after heating and quenching needs to enter the crusher for crushing, and then the semi-finished product of steel grit is obtained. After the semi-finished product is classified and screened, the finished steel grit is obtained. Cast steel shot

1. Select the equipment model according to the actual needs of customers. For example, if the customer needs to recycle steel slag that can be reused on site, the output requirement is 5t/h, and the mesh mesh requirement is between 1mm-0.4mm, greater than 1mm and less than 0.4 mm steel grit is not used as scrap. It is reported that the specific gravity of steel grit is 4.5. According to this customer's situation, the Xinxiang vibrating screen manufacturer gave a screening plan using two 1.2-meter circular rotary vibrating screens;

2. Because the steel grit has a relatively high performance and a large specific gravity, in order to avoid the material being screened, the use of 304 stainless steel will not damage the material during the production of the screening equipment.

3. In order to optimize the screening effect, a 2.2KW vertical vibration motor is selected for its motor power. At the same time, because the material is heavier, a buffer device is added at the feed inlet to prevent the material from directly impacting the screen, which can be effective Increase the service life of the screen.

4. Two rotary vibrating screens are used side by side to complete the screening output together. The processed steel slag is returned to the furnace for recalcining to produce steel grit for use.


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