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Steel shot

2021-03-11 09:12:46
Steel shot


Steel shots are divided into three categories: steel shots, cast iron shots, and glass shots. Steel shots commonly used in shot blasting machines include steel wire cut shots, alloy shots, cast steel shots, iron shots, etc. The most used is cast steel shot. Liaoning alloy steel shot

Steel shot is an excellent wear-resistant material, with moderate hardness, strong toughness, good impact resistance and long service life. It has good resilience, fast cleaning speed and low consumption when cleaning workpieces.

During the processing of the shot blasting machine, each steel shot is a process of decreasing wear from time to time, so the particle size of each steel shot changes from time to time. Since the hot spot changes with the grain size of the steel shot, in order to ensure that the thermal grain size/ram ratio gradually tends to the ordinary curve. If too much material is added at one time, the appearance of the casting will immediately become fine; if the casting is not added for a long time, although the quality of the appearance of the casting has improved, the liquidation efficiency will be greatly reduced.

(1) Replenish the feed regularly, and each feed does not exceed 10% of the total steel shot. In the production process, we often reflect on the particle size distribution of the steel shot to ensure that the particle size gradation of the steel shot remains unchanged, so as to ensure the efficiency of liquidation and the appearance quality of the castings. Fluctuations.

(2) During the processing of the shot blasting machine, accurately adjust and often reflect on the hot spots of the blasting head to ensure the ordinary tasks of the blasting sand separator, ensure sufficient sand volume, and limit the power of the shot blasting motor to ensure the efficiency of liquidation. And the key element of wasting capital.

(3) The liquidation time is mainly to remove the sticky sand and oxide scale and expose the metal body. Extending the liquidation time can certainly change the fineness of the appearance of the casting. However, efficiency is increased and costs are increased.

The essence of liquidation is to remove the sticky sand and oxide scale on the surface of the casting to restore the surface of the casting, instead of changing the surface fineness of the casting with a long time of liquidation, which is trying to use shot blasting to obtain a lower surface fineness value. The method is not suitable. It not only increases the efficiency, but also increases the cost. The quality of the subsequent processes should be improved, such as increasing the particle size of the molding and core-making sand, using high-quality coatings, and improving the quality of the molding sand.


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