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Steel wire cut shot

2021-03-11 09:33:55
Steel wire cut shot


Cut steel wire pellets are processed from steel wire ropes, but who knows what is the most important process in the production of cut steel wire pellets? Liaoning steel cut steel pellets

The heat treatment of steel wire is a very important process in the production process of steel wire rope. Few merchants or manufacturers will explain to customers the process characteristics of heat treatment and the effect of heat treatment on the quality of steel wire rope.

For the purpose of heat treatment of steel wire, the steel wire will regain conditions favorable for cold drawing after heat treatment. To put it simply, after the wire rod or steel wire is cold drawn, the molecular structure changes. Although the strength increases, it is more likely to be brittle. When it reaches a certain level, it cannot be drawn smoothly and will break.

The internal structure of the steel wire is restored by heat treatment. In order to draw the wire again, so that it is not easy to break, and can achieve the required strength.

The heat treatment of the steel wire can eliminate the work hardening of the steel wire in the previous cold drawing process, so as to facilitate the continuous cold drawing, so that the hot-rolled wire rod has a structure suitable for drawing and can be drawn normally. The steel wire has a special structure, and the steel wire has good performance after cold drawing. The finished steel wire has the organization and performance required by users.

The standard for selecting steel wire cut shots mainly depends on the workpiece you want to clean. Non-ferrous metals generally use aluminum shots or stainless steel wire cut shots. Steel wire cut shots are used for common steel weldments, castings, steel, etc. The larger the diameter of steel wire cut shots, the higher the surface roughness will be after cleaning, but the cleaning efficiency is also higher; the cleaning efficiency of irregularly shaped steel grit or steel wire cut shots is higher than that of spherical shots, but the surface roughness is also higher. When selecting the size of cut steel wire pellets, under the premise of meeting the requirements of surface roughness, use larger cut steel wire pellets as much as possible to improve the cleaning efficiency.


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