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Cast steel shot

2021-03-11 09:09:05
Cast steel shot


Nowadays, as the requirements of all walks of life on the process increase, the surface treatment technology is getting more and more attention. Among them, a large number of shot blasting machines have been put into the market, making the use of projectile materials increasing. We know that there are many types of projectile materials, such as cast steel shots, stainless steel shots, cut wire shots and wire grinding shots, etc. What are their characteristics and how do we choose when we use them? Cast steel shots

1. Cast steel shot

The cast steel shot has a shiny black appearance and spherical martensite. It is widely used in shot blasting, shot blasting, die casting cleaning, casting shot blasting sand cleaning, heat treatment and your oxide scale cleaning. The hardness is 40-50HRC, the carbon content is 0.85-1.20%, and the density is 7.4g/cm.

Two, stainless steel shot

Stainless steel shots can be divided into ball-milled stainless steel shots and atomized stainless steel shots. Among them, the ball-milled stainless steel shots are refined by wire drawing, cutting, and rounding. The appearance is bright and rust-free, and bead-shaped (cut-shaped, round-shaped). It is widely used in the surface cleaning, deburring, strengthening and blasting treatment of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other workpieces. It has a matte effect on the processed workpiece, and highlights the characteristics of metal color and no rust. The workpiece does not need to be acidified. After washing and rust removal, the steel shot has a wear resistance of 3-5 times that of cast steel shot, which can reduce production costs. At present, this series of products are widely used in non-ferrous metal casting industry, automobile, motorcycle, shipbuilding, aviation, steel plate, steel cylinder, steel structure, metallurgical machinery and other fields of strengthening process treatment. The atomized stainless steel shot is refined by the atomization process. The appearance is bright, rust-free and round. It is suitable for surface shot blasting of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other non-ferrous metal workpieces. It can show the natural color and luster of the metal material without causing rust and discoloration on the surface of the casting. Long life and little wear on equipment. After the treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and clean, no need for pickling.

Three, steel wire cut shot

High manganese steel wire is cut into steel wire pellets. The ratio of length to diameter is equal. The hardness and density are uniform. It is ideal for shot blasting and shot peening. There are no pores, cracks and other phenomena in the shot, and its density is high. , Strong jetting force. Widely used in: aviation, automobile industry, foundry industry, steel structure manufacturing industry, etc. Its purpose is surface treatment such as descaling, sand cleaning and rust removal. It has the advantages of long life, low consumption, high cleaning efficiency, and strong toughness.


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